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Re-connect to my son's account

I am the Cubmaster for our pack and I have two sons, one in our pack and one that crossed over to a ScoutsBSA troop. Tonight I used the Clean Old Connections feature and removed connections to former Scouts from our pack that are no longer active. Awesome, love the feature.

Unfortunately one of the connections cleaned was to my older son who is in ScoutsBSA. The troop he went to does not use Scoutbook but I was keeping up with his advancement in his record so I had a quick glance where he was, could help him keep up with hiking/camping logs etc. Now I no longer have him listed in my family on my home page nor can I re-connect to his account.

Is there another way I can get access back to him? Is this something our Council admins can do? Or is my only option to convince one of his leaders to connect to Scoutbook and add me back in?



Actually my wife was still connected so she was able to add me back in, but the question remains why it cleared the connection as I was listed as a parent.

I know there is a confirmation prompt when you use the clear old connections, but all it asks is “are you sure?” It should give you a list of the ones it is about to remove so you can confirm what you are cleaning up.

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