Deleting a leader not associated with scout or unit

There is a cubmaster showing up as a connection to one of my scouts in my troop. I cannot seem to delete this person from their connections. Is there a way to delete this person? I dont think it wise to have someone from another unit able to update or see scouts from my unit unless they are merit badge counselors.

Hi, @JeremyPenner,

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Looks like the only ways to remove that errant Cubmaster connection is:

  1. Make sure that the scout’s membership in the pack is actually ended.
  2. Ask the Cubmaster to remove him or herself.
  3. If they can’t/won’t, send an email to and explain the situation. Provide the information about the scout and the connection (name, BSA ID, current unit, connection that should have been ended and why) so that they can both fix the issue and try to figure out why it didn’t auto-magically get cleared on the transfer.

Theoretically, these connections are supposed to go away when the scouts are moved into the new units, but there seem to be a lot of us with “leftover” connections.

On second thought, it might be worth sending the email to just so that they can document the issue before the connection gets removed.

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Has the Scout’s membership in the pack in Scoutbook been ended? Go to the Scout’s membership page to verify. If it has not, you cannot remove the connection to the CM.

Does the Scout’s connection to the CM have the Parent/Guardian check box turned on? If it is, you cannot remove the connection to the CM.

If neither of these are true, you can

  1. Ask the CM to break the connection
  2. Send an e-mail to asking them to break the connection.
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