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Leaders in Connections

I have scouts from another troop in my new scout connection box I want to remove. How do I remove them.

Go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connection. Click on the Scout’s name then click on Delete Connection

That does not Work, I have I think tried there is no way to remove

@EdwardSmith2 - I am not sure I follow where you are seeing the scouts ? Could you provide some details or perhaps screenshots.

When I click on my Account I go directly into my personal file and go into my connections there is no place to disconnect the other leaders.

Attached is just one scout with leaders in is connections file I want delete. But I cannot do when I go into my connections file . There is nothing that will let me remove them.


You indicated previously that you were trying to disconnect Scouts that are connected to you. Now you way you are trying to disconnect other leaders.

You cannot break connections to leaders in another unit if the Scout has a membership in that unit. If you click on the Scout’s membership tab do you see active memberships in multiple units?

The scout is dual registered and the leaders do not need to be registered in my troop. The leaders came over when the scout was registered with my troop and now I need to remove them since their not part of my troop.

Where are you seeing these leaders? If you are seeing them on the Scout’s connection page, Scoutbook is working as designed. If you are seeing them somewhere else, please let us know where you are seeing them.

But I want to get rid of them since they are not part of the troop.

You say that the Scout is dual registered. Are those leaders from the other unit where the Scout has a current membership? If so, then they need to stay on the Scout’s Connections page. The Scout’s Connections page shows all adults connected to the Scout, whether they are from your unit or other units.

Thanks everyone for your assistance.

@EdwardSmith2 - I trust that you understand that if those adults are not in your roster view then they are not in your troop.

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