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Scoutbook - Former Scoutmaster still has access!

Former Scoutmaster is NOT listed as a leader in the Troop roster, but he still shows on the Connections Manager as having FULL control to ALL scouts! He is still the parent of an active scout & has moved to a Council / District position. Nonetheless, he should NOT have that level of permission and no changes are possible via the Connections manager - when I try, it just reverts to FULL control for all. Please advise.

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It sounds like your former Scoutmaster is still listed as a Unit Admin. Go into his positions, click on Troop Admin and place an end date in the position.

Click on the former SM’s Scout then click on <Scout’s> Connections. Click on the former SM’s name and make sure the Parent/Guardian check box is checked.

Since he is still the parent of an active Scout, his name will still be in Connection Manager. Go to the Troop roster page, click on Connection Manager then the former SM’s name. Remove all check boxes. This is will break his connection to all Scouts except his own.

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Former SM does not appear on the Troop roster so I’m unable to go into his positions. But he is showing on the Connections manager - that’s the only place he shows. If I click on individual green dots, there is no pop-up. If I click on his name to change permissions for all, there is a pop-up but the Set Permission has no effect.
If I click on his scout I can get to his “Connected Adult” page. Both the “Parent/Guardian” and “Adult Leader” options are grayed out. All the sliders are grayed out as well (Full Control, Edit Advancement, View Advancement,…)

@BrettNordman - how was he removed from the roster exactly ?

Go to another Scout in the unit, and check his connection to this Scout. If the Parent/Guardian box is checked, that is why he has full control. Once the Parent/Guardian check box is checked, it can only be cleared by the individual and it forces full control.

In this case you have 2 options:

  1. Ask the former SM to edit his connections to remove them.
  2. Send an e-mail to with the former SM’s name, your council and unit and ask them to break the connection to all but his Scout.

I can’t recall how he was removed originally - I can’t recreate it with anyone else currently on the Leader list.
This individual doesn’t appear on the roster but these replies lead me to a solution - though it’s very tedious.
If I go to the individual Scout, and click on the connections for that scout, then I can remove him. But I have to do that 40 times for each scout. And I’m seeing other connections that no longer should be active so I’m removing those as well. There ought to be an easier method I think.

The Connection Manager is supposed to work, and has worked historically. It seems like this is a bug. If you can modify them from the individual scout interface, then Connection Manager should work. I’ve done it this way several times for leaders as they left. The only complication was if the leader was an admin/Key 3. Then, I had to end the admin/Key 3 role before modifying connections.

You might try adding in a “temporary” adult leader position for the former SM, see if that restores functionality in the Connection Manager. That would be a work-around obviously, but potentially faster than doing every scout by hand.

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Yes, seems like an opportunity for improvement. I found this from 2016 which notes you have to do it individually:

Only for unit admins, though. It has worked for me even relatively recently (< 6 months ago) to go through Connection Manager. That’s why I think it’s a relatively new bug that it’s not working for someone without a leadership position in the unit.

ETA: Actually, I just tried it with some parents who had been leaders in their previous unit, and retained Full Control permissions to some of our scouts. It worked just fine.

What’s your role in the unit, @BrettNordman? Are you a unit admin or Key 3? If not, that might be impacting your ability to use the Connection Manager.

I’m an Admin and Asst Scoutmaster. Maybe I did something out of order - we removed their positions months ago and just now are looking at connections. I’ve got it for now at least. Thank you all!

You can temporarily add the leader back to your unit roster (as a Unit Scouter Reserve or other position). Then use the connection manager and click on his name to change his connection to all Scouts at once. After you are done, you can remove the temporary position and remove him from your roster again.

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Connection Manager no longer shows every adult connected to every scout in the unit. The reason being dual registered scouts. One unit should not be able to remove another unit’s connections to that scout. So, there may be instances like this that don’t show up anymore.

I assume you meant another unit’s connections to that scout. I suppose I can see that, although it seems like they should also be able to see those connections in connection manager at least.

One issue that I know exists, for example, is cleaning up leftover connections from scouts who recently bridged over to our troop from our affiliated pack. Those scouts are all still connected to one of our ASMs (who was the Cubmaster for the pack) with Full Control, which isn’t the standard of care for ASMs in our troop. I attempted to “correct” his connections at large, which reset the connections to all of the scouts except those who had been in the pack when he was Cubmaster. They stayed set to Full Control. I suspect this is potentially associated with the “safeguards” put in place to prevent connections from other units being edited.

I’m looking forward to a more granular (and transparent!) permissions structure in the future so that units can more readily manage our internal operations and folks don’t need admin-level access (or faking in a role as Committee Secretary/etc) to do common things like manage the calendars. It seems like calendar management should be able to be broken out from full Admin access.

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Thanks. Yes, I corrected it abovd

I agree that the end result is not perfect whether we got there via defect or compromise.

We’d like to see a tool that lets units automatically clean up old connections without even the trouble of using connection Manager. But that is not something I’d expect in the short term.

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