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Deleting an Event (again)

Agreed. At it’s currently functionality, Scoutbook is useless for me as a den leader. The prepopulated den meeting plans are not my plans. Why even have a pack and den planning session if we are forced to be shoehorned into a 12 meeting plan? I would like to use it, but without the ability to edit meeting names and topics, and delete meetings, it’s of no use to me now.

I’ve been working this issue through their support desk and got this response. It sounds like they will be making a change at some point to address this. I would suggest others enter tickets to voice our priority on this matter. You can enter a support ticket via scoutbook.support@scouting.org or calling 972-580-2489.

Hello, and thank you for your feedback. Each meeting can be edited for date/time/location so that it can fit your den’s schedule. Meetings can also be stacked (or multiple meetings completed in one day) to accommodate your den’s plan. We encourage you to keep the meetings for the resources and program materials made available to you.

Earning Cub Scout Ranks via the Den Leader Experience is slightly different (easier) compared to the process that exists in Scoutbook today. All created meetings are based on required adventures for a rank with Scout attendance resulting in advancement updating automatically. If meetings are deleted, this process is broken and could result in youth not getting the rank they have been eagerly working towards. We want to avoid that disappointment!

Additionally, a toggle will soon be available in the standard Scoutbook.com experience that allows you to remove these meetings from your calendar as well as from parents/Scouts calendars. When toggling this calendar off, you’ll also be turning off the reminders associated with these meetings, preventing confusion from meetings you create.

More information on Scoutbook can be found here: http://help.scoutbook.com

This functionality has already been added. Go to your den calendar in Scoutbook and click Hide DLE events.

Excellent, thanks for the tip!

@jacobfetzer When I Hide DLE events, it actually hides all of my Den’s events and Pack events. For some reason though, I still see one of the Webelos Den’s events (I’m a Pack Admin).

Could you clarify where you are looking and see that events are hidden (which shouldn’t be)? I see non-DLE events on the https://scoutbook.com/mobile/dashboard/calendar/ page.

yeah i only see it hiding the DLE events - not other events for pack/den

I am seeing that the My Dashboard > Events list is improperly hiding non-DLE events.

After turning on the “hide” feature, when I go back to the unit page, it hides a whole lot of events that it shouldn’t. These include both unit events and den events. For some reason, I am only seeing events from one particular den, and it isn’t even the den I’m a den leader for.

Got it. Thanks. Do you happen to have an ics subscription on your personal device to know if it’s improperly hiding anything there?

I do, but I’ll need to wait until tomorrow to see how it updates. After I found that it wasn’t hiding things correctly, I turned it off.

One of the issues with this solution (hide/show) is that I might use some of the DLE events but not all of them. I used one last night, but I’m not sure how many more I’ll use. I provided feedback in a separate thread.

Yes, I saw and pointed the developers to that.

@jacobfetzer I kept the DLE events hidden over night, and they did drop from the .ics feed. All of the other events stayed on as they should. This is definitely something that needs to be advertised (that hiding DLE events will hide them from everyone subscribed to that calendar).

I have set them back to “Show” simply because we are using a mix of DLE events and non-DLE events. So, I want to have some of the DLE events appear, but I am stuck with all of them.

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Thanks for confirming. That is working as expected. The whole point of hiding them is to avoid confusion for the families in the den.

Yes, we are looking at adding invitees outside of the den. The use case here is to invite a special guest - perhaps a presenter - to den meetings.

So once you hide the DLE events. How long before it removes them from the parents events in the app? So it doesn’t show the scout as behind.

@DeronLucatorta that is being worked on

One of our Dens is hiding the DLE events, and it does not show it in their calendar in scoutbook, but it shows for other leaders in other Dens in their calendar. Is this an know issue?

Please describe where it shows and any steps to see it.

Our Webelos 2 den leader enabled the Hide DLE Events and she does not see it anymore. But I can still see it. I’m the assistant scoutmaster and also den leader for the tigers. I see all the DLE meetings that were auto scheduled by her in my calendar in Scoutbook.