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Deleting camping nights from a cub scout who crossed over into a troop

Before the latest change from scoutbook. I was able to delete the camping nights of a cubscout from his pack. I did not want those night to count for the OA requirements or the camping merit badge. I have a few new scouts that crossed over and I can’t delete the nights before crossing over. It looks like he has 12 nights instead of 2. Has anyone else had this trourble

The intended method to separate Cub Scout camping from Scouts BSA camping in the database is to set the Date Joined Scouts BSA in the scouts’ profiles. That restricts the dates considered for OA to those after that date. For Camping MB, the intent is for the counselor to review those nights and verify with the scout that they qualify, rather than just ticking off a box that there are at least 20 nights.

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Verification of nights camped for advancement is part of the Scout being tested. The Scoutmaster (or their designee/s) should be looking at the Scouts handbook. The same goes for OA eligibility.

Those nights remain part of the Scout’s record because they also count for the National Outdoor Award (camping) just like miles hiked, etc.

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Cub Scout activities, such as nights of camping, miles hiked, etc. can, if they otherwise meet the requirements, be included as part of the National Outdoor Awards for the older Scout programs.

The OA Eligibility Report already excludes Cub Scout nights of camping by using the Date Joined Scouts BSA field from the Edit Profile page.

For the Camping merit badge, you can run the Activity Log Report so that it only includes camping after the Date Joined Scouts BSA.

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Now to piece together those records you deleted in the past so the Scout’s records properly show their accomplishments, increase their likelihood of earning awards.

I can’t even get our scouts or cubscouts enter for camping or hiking & community service

@GeraldinePetkus - I honestly do not fully understand your post. Are you talking about your own scouts or about a set of scouting units?

@DawnBundy - I can not believe that you deliberately deleted camping entries from scout records. That is wrong on so many levels. As has been noted the cumulative record of scout camping could have qualified for the NOA.


I can. This kind of nonsense is quite prevalent within Scouting.


You know, this post kept coming back to mind and I fully expect my comment here to be deleted. So be it but, it needs told and you need to read it.

If you are a Scoutmaster you need to retake position training and learn about approving advancement. You need to learn how a merit badge counselor approves requirements, your role in the merit badge process and, how you qualify a Scout for consideration as candidate for OA.

If you are a committee chair you need to learn your specific role in advancement. And, stick to that role.

Stay in your lane.

If you are any other Scouter you need to get off Scoutbook until you know what you are doing, meanwhile tell the chair and Scoutmaster what you’ve done.

And, whoever you are, come clean to the Scout and their family. A come to Jesus moment.

That said, you absolutely need to do your very best to rebuild those records you deleted. Just because the system allows you to delete them isn’t an excuse for what you’ve done.

Shame on you for disabling Scout opportunities for achievement, for deleting Scout’s permanent records.

Some people will read your post and shake their head and move on. Call them the go along to get along type.

I’m not that type. You’ve wronged Scouts and you need to be told so. After all, someone needs to advocate for the Scouts and currently, that’s not you.

Now, get to work and right your wrongs.


Very good post. Very well said.

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It’s absolute nonsense and frankly it’s nonsense like this that, cumulatively, has placed this organization in the dire straits it’s in today.

I wonder how much this “gate keeper” attitude has hurt enrollment over the years.

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The OP original question has been answered so this is being closed.