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Deleting Past Membership in a Den

I’m a Cubmaster with five different last days of school in my pack. I advanced individual Scouts on the correct days. It was tedious, and many may say, “Why bother?” Well, I had one Wolf with her last day of school on June 12, who started a virtual day camp as a Bear on June 15. I had another Wolf in the same den who has a last day of school of June 17, who was working on the Alvarez Supernova Award for which she needed to have a “vast majority” of the work for the award completed as a Wolf to get credit for Wolf adventures toward the award. She finished on June 15, the same day her denmate was in virtual day camp earning a Bear adventure.

So, today is the fourth of my five last days of school, and it is the biggest one. Up to today, I just reassigned individual scouts to dens. Today, I actually advanced dens. For the Scouts I temporarily moved to other dens, I made the start and end dates the same. Is there a way I can just delete the prior membership in a den?

No, you can only put an end date on it.

On a side note, advancing a den will not prevent you from entering advancement and awards for the previous year.

Thank for the answer @jacobfetzer - I do realize that deleting the previous membership was purely for cosmetics, since the temporary ones are now all zero days.

I do know that I can enter things from before the advance date, but thanks for making sure I stay on the rails. All the recently advanced Tigers in my pack earned Messengers of Peace in January, but Scoutbook doesn’t allow the award to be entered for Lions. So, I’ve entered that. One of them also actually earned a Recruiter patch last September, another thing Scoutbook would not allow me to enter until I made him a Tiger.

My main concern about getting the Scouts moved up on the correct date has to do with the parents. I’m worried that if I just move them all on the earliest date (which would have been the easiest thing to do), some may work on things for both ranks at once, not understanding that isn’t allowed, even if it’s explained to them. In other words, if they are doing Wolf things and suddenly Bear advancement opens up on their phone, they may take that as a green light to do the Bear Protect Yourself Rules adventure while sill working on the Wolf Motor Away adventure.

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