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How do I remove a den (in the new SSO world)?

I am trying to remove Scouts in this new post-SSO world and I am not able to figure it out. I have seen the following instruction from a previous post (in May) - “After you remove all the Scouts from this den and end the leader’s terms by adding an end date to their positions, go to Edit Den and click Disapprove Den. The next time you log in the den will be gone.”

I moved the Scouts out to a “Graduated” den and ended the two leadership positions. But the scouts are still there which means they show up when I try to send pack-wide emails, etc.

I have seen other posts that suggest going scout by scout and removing connections…but there has to be an easier way when you have 20+ AOL’s. Help!

See this post and related help documents and see if this helps you.

Thanks. Yeah this is what I keep seeing…docs that assume they are moving to a Troop. In our case they are either not moving on, or perhaps moving to a Troop that doesn’t use Scoutbook. So I think the instruction then is to remove all the leader connections via the connection manager - well that is ~20 scouts by ~12 connections each, so that is a lot of elbow grease. I’ll do my best! Thanks again.

If you read through, there’s a way to do en mass. Also the steps say where to stop if Scout is moving to a Troop without ScoutBook (also can be read as leaving the program).

ETA: just had this bookmarked as we were doing this tonight.

If you have them in a “graduated den”, go to each scout’s membership in that den and uncheck the position approved button.

@DavidLeonard, for the Scouts moving to a Troop that uses Internet Advancement instead of Scoutbook for reporting, the Scout should automatically transfer from your roster in Scoutbook when their transfer application is properly processed. If they have not, by now, you may want to chat with their Troop to see when they will transfer them so that they drop of your roster in Member Manager,

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