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How do you advance 2nd Year Webelos

So i found a forum for my question but it was not specific or i did not follow.
We have 2nd year webelos who moved on to Arrow of Light

What happens to that den in Scoutbook. Do we just delete it or will it fall off on its own as the scouts get assigned to their Troops?

Our pack “recycled” den numbers, so when my Den 10 bridged over, the den number remained in Scoutbook and was (IIRC) converted back to an “empty” Tiger den. Subunits (dens, patrols) don’t automatically disappear when empty.

As scouts complete apps for troops, they should be removed from the den. If they aren’t, you can go into their membership and add an end date. Put an end date on the den leaders and admins’ positions. Then, edit den > disapprove den.

How do you do that? How did you get rid of the boys or did they just roll off. What is IIRC?

@Jacobfetzer, Ok thanks so by July they should all be gone then? Does the den stay and is just empty and you can use it again for lions?

When you disapprove it, it should disappear assuming all memberships and positions are ended. Then, if you want to use the same number again some day, you’ll just create a new den with that number.

The timing depends when and if they cross over to the troop. If you have some that don’t cross over to a troop, or if you have some that your registrar processes as an additional membership instead of a transfer, you may have to put an end date on it yourself. Otherwise, they’ll be there until next January when your recharter is processed. Personally, I’d put the end date as soon as they no longer have anything outstanding with the pack (all awards are complete, approved, awarded. Payment log is zero. No more events they should attend).

We either actively transferred the scouts out of the den to their new troops in Scoutbook, or just ended their memberships if they weren’t going to a troop. @jacobfetzer already covered the process to either allow the council registrar to transfer the scouts (i.e. submit transfer application and wait), or to actively end their pack membership. To actively transfer a scout, the easiest way is generally to coordinate with the troop(s) to which the scouts are moving, and have them use the transfer tool in their roster (My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> Transfer in Scout) to move the scout to their unit.

As @jacobfetzer noted, make sure everything is closed out with the pack before transferring the scouts, as it could require transferring them back to fix something you miss (e.g. payment log balance, awards not marked Leader Approved or Awarded).

IIRC is an internet acronym: If I Recall Correctly.

Another option is to go to the Scout’s Membership page, put an end date on the membership with the pack, stay on the Scout’s Membership page, and then add a new membership with the troop. However, the family still needs to submit a transfer youth application for their Scout to the new troop.

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