I can't access the calendar/create events, but I am a Scoutmaster _and_ Den leader

I was able to use this in my previous Pack, but now I can’t seem to access it at all.

Do you have it turned on in the upper right gear of the calendar?

Sorry Donavan, I’m not sure how you mean. I can’t get to the calendar page at all.

When you are on troop page and you click upcoming events what happens @Dan-JoeLopez

Try accessing the calendar from the direct URL (Scoutbook), maybe an AdBlocker or another extension is keeping the menu option from appearing?

When you say Scoutmaster, that’s a Scouts BSA troop leader position, vs Den Leader being a Cub Scouting position. Are those the correct positions, or did you mean Cubmaster (which is the Cub Scouting unit leader position)? And which of the calendars (troop-level, pack-level, patrol-level, den-level) are you trying to access that’s not allowing you access?

The Scoutmaster role should grant troop-level and patrol-level calendar access, since the Scoutmaster is one of the Unit Key 3. My usual go-to if access tied to a Key 3 role is impacted is to check my official registration at my.scouting to ensure that the role is currently showing in my Positions.

A Den Leader, on the other hand, is not a Unit Key 3 member, and doesn’t (by default) have access to edit the pack-level calendar. I’m not sure if they automatically have access to edit the den-level calendar, but I believe that they do, now that all Den Leaders are (automatically?) set as Den Admins. However, a Den Leader would need to be specifically assigned a role in Scoutbook that would permit edit access to the pack-level calendar (e.g. Unit Admin, Unit Secretary). Otherwise, they don’t have access to edit the calendar. They should, however, be able to at least see the calendar.

Maybe try opening Scoutbook in a private browsing/incognito window to see if some add-on is impacting your access?

@Dan-JoeLopez It looks like you have a Den Admin role that is not associated with a den. I have ended it.

Please try logging out of Scoutbook, then log back in to see if you can access My Calendar from My Dashboard in Scoutbook:

My Dashboard → Events → My Calendar

::shakes head:: I didn’t realize the “upcoming Events” Title was clickable… I thought there used to be a link in the Troop menu to get there~

@Dan-JoeLopez Are you able to get to your calendar now using this path?

My Dashboard → Events → My Calendar

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