Den Chiefs as Youth Members

I have four Den Chiefs from my Pack. One from Troop X and three from Troop Y. The Troop X Den Chief now appears in my Scoutbook account as a Den Chief and a Youth Member. The three that came in from Troop Y appear as Den Chiefs but do not appear as Youth Members.
I can see no differences in the accounts.

Also, for Den Chiefs, I am have only a parent’s email address. It is not possible to have a Den Chief receive reminders or messages from Scoutbook directly?

When you say “Youth Members” do you mean in messaging? The youth members that show up there have been invited by their parents and connected to their accounts. Until then, they won’t show up there.

You only have parents contact info for YPT reasons they don’t allow adults to have phone or email of youth. If they are connected to their account, you can message them via Scoutbook since it assures YPT rules are met.


Yes, the Den Chief that is the “Youth Member” shows up in messaging. Also shows up in the RSVP lists for events.

One of the Den Chiefs from Troop X says he is not receiving emails via Scoutbook. I understand now that I cannot check his email, so I don’t know if it’s the right one.

I will try to work with the Den Chief parents to invite their scout to connect and confirm emails.


Did this den chief’s parent invite them to connect? Did they connect?

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