Den Chief and Parents not getting emails

I was so excited to be able to link my new Den Chief to my Webelos dens. Unfortunately, she and her parents are not receiving calendar reminder emails. She missed our first den meeting because of this. Any ideas how to fix this?

is she invited to the event?

Yes. I even created a test event and made sure that the den chief and her parents were invited to the event. I received the event reminder email, but they did not. We all have gmail.

Can you provide her bsa member number (no names)?

A den chief for my pack confirmed that they do receive email reminders.

I don’t have access to her ID number when I click on her. Could that be the problem? Do her parents need to give me permission to email her and h?

Try sending her, her parents and yourself a message with the bcc turned off. Is her email address in the to line when you receive it?

Her ID is 137227590. I was able to send a message to the parents, but not the DC. She didn’t show up on the registered youth list when I was in the messages screen. A previous DC did show up there, but his mom was also the DL and had full control over him, which may have made a difference. For this DC, her parents linked her to our den rather than her SM. I don’t know if that matters.

That Scout does not have an email in the system

But the parents do have emails in the system, so the parents should be receiving emails for the events she is invited to. Nobody in the family is receiving event reminder emails even if she is on the invite list. None of my Cubs have emails in the system, but their parents receive event invites.

Any more ideas what could be going wrong? Parents should get emails even if the Scout doesn’t have an email address listed, right?

Is the den chief listed as having been invited?

Yes, she is on the list of invitees for the event. The parents are also.