Den Count on Dashboard Doesn’t Match, and Adult was moved to youth at promotion

So I’m not sure if these are totally related, but it seems to me they could be. We have had a den that when you’re in the pack list says scouts: 7 but when you click on the den and look at the members, there are 6 and that screen says leaders: 2 adults: 6. When I went to promote all the dens last weekend, the den that showed 7 on the main page took the den leader and moved him as a scout, which totally screwed everything up. We finally got him back into a leader role, with help from our council’s registrar, but it bugs us now that it still shows scouts:7 on the main page and leaders: 2 scouts: 6 for the den details. We are worried that there is something messed up fundamentally with this count being off that caused the problem of moving the adult to a youth position. Any ideas?

One of the scouts has 2 SB memberships in the den?

No, I have one more in the count on the main page then I have actually in the den.

Try clicking the refresh circle within Scoutbook.

No change. This has been like this for 2 years at least.

It is something to do with that leader’s account. If I move him out of the den, the counts are right. For some reason it’s counting him as a scout on the front dashboard, but once you’re in the den, it shows him as a leader and the correct scout count.

What’s their member number (no names)?

I’m curious to hear what the resolution is on this. I have assistant scoutmasters assigned to each patrol. For the first patrol in the troop page list, the total number of scouts (6) appears to include the ASM. Once I click on that patrol and enter the patrol view, it shows a count of 5 scouts and 1 adult leader. The overall count for our other patrol doesn’t include the adult leader.

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