Den Leader assignment visible to Key 3 member but not the Den Leader

I am the Lion Den Leader in my Pack but I am not shown as the Lion Den Leader in Scoutbook. My Pack Committee Chair sees that I am assigned as the Den Leader from her login.

Any ideas on what is going wrong?

Have you compared the BSA IDs you see from your account and that your CC sees from the roster? It’s possible that you have more than one account.

If you post your BSA ID, the SUAC folks may be able to help diagnose the issue.

Not sure what happened - I set a sync for you - BUT an Admin will need to assign you to den in the morning

My BSA ID is 135079627. Both my Scoutbook profile and my profile show this as my member ID. I have not confirmed if my CC sees a different account from her Scoutbook account.

Thanks for the help with this.

Do NOT use your email to login - use your 237 username

They should be able to assign you back to Lion Gide right now

Thanks, I’ve logged out and then logged back into and scoutbook using my user name instead of my email.

I’ve passed this message along to my Pack Admins. Thanks for your help.

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