Pending Den Leaders

Having trouble connecting den leaders to their den. Still says “Pending”

Lion and Tiger Den Leader (same person)
BSA ID 140248882

Wolf Den Leader
BSA ID 137333884

Arrow of Light Den Leader
BSA ID is missing from Scoutbook I believe her BSA ID is 137236736.
This adult seems to have two profiles and one hasn’t been logged into for four years. Could this be an issue?


Your Lion/Tiger DL has never logged in to Scoutbook. She needs to log in with her ID and Password. The ID is her e-mail address.

Your Wolf den leader is registered as a committee member. I suggest asking your Charter Org Rep to use Position Manager on the roster page in to change his registration. He also has never logged into Scoutbook. His ID is his e-mail address.

Your AOL den leader is not registered with that BSA Member ID (MID). Her registered MID is 12789342. She has 2 IDs. Does she want to retain the one that is her e-mail address that ends in 43 or the one that is her First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Name and the number 43? I changed her MID on her Scoutbook account.

She also needs to check Scoutbook to ensure her e-mail address is correct. If it is incorrect, change it in Edit Profile. If it appears correct there, click Update or Save on the Edit Profile screen and it will push to other databases.

I also recommend contacting you Council and asking them to use Registrar Tools to put the relationship between her and her children on MID 12789342.

Thank you. We will try to get it all figured out.

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