Issues with my account

I am having issues with my scout book account and other places. I am showing as a den leader in some places but I do not have full control over my den to record adventures and advancement for my entire den. On my end on the den it says that I’m not a den leader when I go to look at my den roster but on my pack committee chairs scout book it shows that I am? Is there any reason that would be happening? Member Id is 14931219


First, you are registered as a Committee Member, not a Den Leader. I see in Scoutbook you are listed as a Committee Member and Den Leader but are not connected to any Scouts.

I can only find 1 Scoutbook account with your date of birth. Since you and your Committee Chair see different data, it would be helpful if we could get the SB UserID from both your Scoutbook login and what the CC sees for you.

My scout book id is 3833694 my cc is going to find it out if it’s needed


I do need the SB ID your CC sees as I can’t find a different account for you and what you are reporting sounds like duplicate accounts.

I will have it later today, she is on her way back from a trip but I was in the Atlanta area council as a youth and I was wondering if it was maybe struggling to merge both of the accounts that member id is 103159124


Your Atlanta Area MID is not the issue.

To easy as soon as she gets to her computer this evening I’ll post all of that additional information.

@ChaseDickerson your Den Leader and Den Admin positions are not approved - that is the issue - a unit admin needs to approve them

The issue was resolved thank you for your help

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