Den Leader Experience - Error / Roles

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My den leadership team members are attempting to access the Den Leader Experience but are receiving an error that their role needs upgrading. Each has Den Leader and Den Admin roles. Is this a known bug or is there a box that needs checking somewhere? I’ve searched for a solution before asking the gurus… your help is greatly appreciated!

can you post one of their BSA #s and we can look

Absolutely. 13366796

did this start a week ago? There is a den leader position that ended then? There is still one for the account. Or were the Dens advanced to next rank in SB or something?

Dens were advanced in the spring, but her roles were updated to suit the new position. She may not have noticed that the problem started then.

I turned it into developers - all looks good to me - not sure

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it is worth trying in an incognito window as well @RebekahNyalko

I’m having her try that right now.

It works perfectly when she uses an incognito browser.

might be something in an extension?

She removed some old add-ins and cleared her cookies, now it’s working perfectly. Odd issue, but glad it’s resolved. Thank you for your help!

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