Sinking Scoutbook with Den Leader Experience

I am the COR for our Pack. I have agreed to bring our Pack up to date in Scoutbook. Three weeks ago I brought three dens completely up to date by registering as assistant Den leaders. Everything when well. although the program has some needed improvements. Now I am trying to get the other 4 dens up to date. I have updates my dens to by trying to include the other den leader positions and den admin positions. Apparently SB and the Den Leader are not sinking, because I can’t see my 4 new dens on Den Leader experience. Does anyone know what needs to be done? What am I doing wrong?

Are the Den Leader positions Approved in SB? @WayneNelson

Yes, they are. Still don’t see them in DL exp.

They are showing up on DL experience under my positions now but not on list of dens on home page.

Ok they are working now. Thanks

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