Den Leader Experience Error

I just set up our den for next year and now when I try to go into any of the adventures that were added in den leader experience I get the following error message:

“org.mule.weave.v2.exception.UnexpectedFunctionCallTypesException: You called the function ‘createUrl’ with these arguments: 1: String (“https” as String {class: “java.lang.String”}) 2: String (“” as String {class: “java.lang.String”}) 3: String (”/images/users/11259000/11258402.831CCB1C16.300.jpg") 4: String (“”) But it expects arguments of these types: 1: String 2: String 3: String 4: Object 7| else Common::createUrl(p(‘common.http.protocol’),p(‘’), image, “”) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Trace: at anonymous::img (line: 7, column: 7) at anonymous::main (line: 23, column: 16) " evaluating expression: “%dw 2.0 import modules::Common output application/java fun img(image) = ( if (isEmpty(image)) “” else Common::createUrl(p(‘common.http.protocol’),p(‘’), image, “”) ) var filtered = if(vars.attended != null and vars.attended != ‘all’) payload.users filter ($.attended == (vars.attended as Boolean)) else payload.users default — filtered map { userId: $.userId, firstName: $.firstName, lastName: $.lastName, rsvp: $.rsvp, attended: $.attended, primaryLeader: $.primaryLeader, rsvpCode: $.rsvpCode default “”, isAdult: $.isAdult, profileImage: img($.profileImage), canTakeAttendance: $.canTakeAttendance, isAdvancementUpdated: $.isAdvancementUpdated }”. (M500)

@LindsayFoote - whilst i get you attempting the DLE i strongly recommended NOT using it because of issues it creates. There is little support for it now and perhaps in the foreseeable future. I would suggest


I have reported this to the developers

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It still allows me to setup the den even though it’s already been setup and says that the grid is already full. I can just create my own in scoutbook since DLE doesn’t have any scouts loaded in the events so it won’t let me take attendance. However, if this is a known issue in terms of stability is there a way to get the automated emails with makeups as templates so I can send them to the parents? Also could this have something to do with me advancing the den instead of making a new den and reassigning them?

Advancing the den is the preferred approach. That’s how scoutbook was designed.

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