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JSON error when creating Service Hours entry with two or more members added

I am getting an “Error validating JSON” when trying to create an entry in the Service Hours log:

Error validating JSON. Error: - Invalid type String, expected Integer for userId - Invalid type String, expected Integer for userId (org.mule.module.apikit.exception.BadRequestException)

but only when I add two or more members to the event. I can successfully create the event when no members or a single member is added to the event. To add multiple members a work around appears to be creating the event first (with no members or only one member added) and subsequently editing the event to add other members.

I have passed this on to the developers.

Thanks for posting this. I’m having the same issues. Happy to know it’s not just me.

Same here. I have had it pop up for camping, hiking, and service, but not every time. I did get it to work one time but have not been able to figure out what I did differently to make it work :(.

I’ve tried entering just 2 people to a service activity and when I save it, I get the following error:
Error validating JSON. Error:-Invalid type String, expetec Interfer for UserId (or.mule.module,apikit.exception.BadRequestException)

Here is the message one my ASMs got. I entered the same info and didn’t have any issues.