Den Leader experience will be missed (even with all it's little hiccups)

I was saddened to hear that the DLE was being retired. I was told early on not to bother using it; it had too many issues; it’s not user friendly; etc. I took these suggestionss to heart and honestly regret it.

My experience with DLE has been positive. Sure there were frustrating times, or DLE did something unexpected, but honestly, once you got around the
“hiccups”, it made being a DL easier IMO. I had references to use for each meeting, my calendar, once populated, could be adjusted as needed. (I do wish the remove group function had been introduced early on.)

What DLE did was give me a boost at the beginning of the year. It took the work I would do manually, and it would give me a schedule to work with. Unfortunately, DLE use was discouraged, with many lobbying against it at every little issue, or bug fix, every step of the way. That was unfortunate.

To the developers and the volunteers that kept it going, I say thank you. Hopefully DLE will get a second life in the future. I’d use it again.

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