Den leader not getting emails from scoutbook

When our scoutmaster attempts to send the pack leaders an email from scoutbook, one of the leaders is not getting them. This leader is listed as a ‘den leader’ in the roster for

Has anyone else had this issue or information as to what could be causing the issue?

@DeborahDelano - can you post the BSA ID of the den leader. And not to be nitpicking it would be cubmaster at the pack level

I would suggest checking a couple of things.

  • The first key issue is whether or not the den leader has checked their spam folder(s). Scoutbook emails occasionally get flagged for some recipients, and may not be appearing in the inbox.
  • Is anyone other than the unit leader able to successfully send messages to the den leader?
  • Is the den leader’s email address correct in Scoutbook? We’ve had issues with that before in our units.
  • When you look in the Send Messages interface, does it say “No Emails” (or something like that) next to the the den leader’s name? That indicates that the DL pressed the unsubscribe link in a Scoutbook email at some point. We’ve had a couple of leaders and parents do this by mistake, as it’s quite close to the RSVP link in event reminder messages. The individuals have to go into their own accounts and re-enable receiving messages. Slide the toggle to the left (as shown below) to re-enable messages.

  • If the message is being sent as an event reminder like a unit committee meeting, is the den leader invited to that event? If you aren’t invited, you won’t receive the message (unless you are the connection parent/guardian of a scout who is going.
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She receives pack-wide emails. It’s just that she is not included in the den leader list, the subcategory of den and pack leaders.

Where are you seeing a den leader list? is that a feature assistant feature?

If you’re talking about the Leader list in the Scoutbook ‘Send Messages’ interface, I’d check whether or not their BSA ID at my.scouting matches the one on their account in Scoutbook. It sounds like maybe they aren’t appearing as a leader in Scoutbook because there’s a mismatch of some sort.

@DeborahDelano This Den Leader had 2 Scoutbook userIDs, and one of them was missing her e-mail address. Her Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

You might need to wait overnight, but she should be able to received messages from Scoutbook.

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Hi Jennifer, is the leader you are referring to the one with bsaid = 13851088

@DeborahDelano Yes, that is the BSA member number of the leader with 2 Scoutbook accounts that I fixed.

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