Emails not sending via Scoutbook, no errors

I have just recently been added as a leader/committee chair in SB and tried to send my first email to all Pack members. I was able to draft the message and add attachments (unable to add in upcoming events) and send. There was no error message, but no one has received the email. There seems to be some issue with our entire Pack, we haven’t received emails from our new cubmaster either, only automated event reminders.

Member ID 13586556

Are there settings that we need to change?

@CandaceClark - i just sent a test email to myself via scoutbook and it was received. Could you outline your process ? Additionally, could you also check in the connection manager to make certain your access as CC is full control of all scouts?


@Stephen_Hornak It has to be the connections! I didn’t even think of that. I am able to send a message to myself - my test came through immediately.

Currently, I am only connected to my son. Is this something that our Pack leadership can change? I assume this is the same issue for our new cubmaster as well.

@CandaceClark , are you listed as a Pack Admin in Scoutbook? If so, you probably need to refresh your Admin role in your user profile to reset all of your connections - as one of the Key 3, you should have Full Control access to everyone in the Pack. If you don’t have an Admin role in Scoutbook, check to see whether you and the new Cubmaster are listed correctly in the official pack roster in my.scouting. If not, you’ll need to work with your council to get the official roster updated.
Final option if the official roster isn’t updated, is to have someone else in the Pack who is an Admin for the Pack give you an Admin role - perhaps the prior chair or Cubmaster.

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Update- after adding me as a pack admin I am able to send messages and include upcoming events (this was previously unavailable). Even with that change, my message didn’t send despite the “Message Sent!” pop-up.

The culprit? a file that was too large. There was no error message that the file was too large and it appeared to send, so that may be a bug? Either way, after making me an admin and not including the large attachment, emails went out seamlessly. Thanks for all of your help!

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