Email Problems

I have an adult that we recently registered as a den leader that has stopped getting pack emails. He has checked his spam folder and they are not found there. I had him sign in and make sure the opt out switch was not on as well. BSA # 137112977 if that is helpful.

@CorrieHarbeck - did you maie note of the announcement banner at the top of the forums

Yes he signed in and made sure that his opt out communications was not swiped.

We don’t know if is affected by the current email issues we are having. We hope to have the email issues resolved soon and he can wait to see if email starts flowing again when that happens. Or he can contact his email provider and ask them if they are blocking us.

I recommend BSA put back the banner stating that not all users are getting emails. This problem has not been resolved for affected users.

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I will make the recommendation, thanks

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It is possible that emails are not being delivered to those hosted in Exchange Online with Microsoft 365. I know of multiple parents who are with 365 under different domains and are not getting email. Maybe open a ticket with Microsoft.

We do not know all the domains that are impacted but we do know some Microsoft domains are so Exchange Online may be affected.

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