Den leader not shown as leader

Our Tiger Den Leader is not shown as a leader in the DLE roster, though she is indicated as a Den Leader in both scoutbook and my.scouting’s organization roster.

Do I need to change her status anywhere else so that the DLE roster shows her leader status (and she has the appropriate credentials to manage the Den)?


@BenjaminHeavner she needs to be a Tiger Den Leader in SB - is she? not a Den Leader it is different

Yes, she is shown as Tiger Den Leader in the Den Roster at Scoutbook

I would not trust the DLE Roster - your leader just needs to try to log in to DLE if the WANT to use that interface

The Adult Roster in DLE shows the assistant as “Leader”, and Den Leader only as “Adult Partner”

I’ll advise them to try it if they want to (with appropriate warnings about it being in Beta and many people not liking it), thanks!

I would also add her as a Den Admin (if she’s not already.

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