Missing adult leader after ending position to solve some other issue

we have two tiger dens and for one of the den i was trying to assign a parent adult leader (registered) as Den Leader but it showed me error position #1 already exist. upon some research on the forums here, I saw a workaround suggested, which was to end her position as den leader. I did this by goin to Pack Roster and editing the positions and put an end date.

soon after this action adult leader stopped showing in my scoutbook roster. it shows in internet advancement list and also on my.scouting.org

when I try to add her back using Add Leader button on the pack roster page, I’m able to search her by the member id but it doesn’t allow me to assign her the Tiger Den, which is greyed out. This is how it shows.
my primary objective was to assign her as den leader to the tiger group

@HassanAli Tiger Dens have Tiger Den Leaders - not Den Leaders

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil I’ve updated her position to Tiger Den Leader and able to assign her to the den. Appreciate your swift response.

Is there a reason for this special position Tiger Den Leader ? how is that different from a Den Leader

that is something to ask council

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BSA® position codes

The official list of position codes as of 2019 may be found in

I will have to research what the official documents are for the few that were added more recently.


@Bill_W - point of order… what i posted is page 36 of that document presented by a BSA council

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