Den Option grayed out when trying to add Assistant Den Leader

I am trying to add an Assistant Den Leader to a Tiger Den in Scoutbook. The leader shows up when I search by BSA ID, but when I select “Assistant Den Leader” for the position, the den option shows up but is greyed out, so I am unable to add him in that den:

Tiger Dens don’t technically have Assistant Den Leaders under the BSA structure. My pack worked around that by having my ADL listed (and I think registered) as a Tiger DL. That was years ago, but I don’t think that the structure has changed since then.

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I was able to list him as a Tiger Adult Partner and gave him admin privileges. In your opinion, would it be better to list him as an adult partner or as a Tiger DL?

A Tiger Adult Partner is not considered a registered scouter by BSA rules as I understand it. I’m not sure what the software impacts are for listing an adult who actually is a registered scouter in the unit as a Tiger Adult Partner. I suspect it might “work” in Scoutbook (with the Den Admin role), but maybe not properly in IA2 (logs, new calendar, reports). That said, I’ve never tried that combination before.

Personally, I’d probably ask the COR to reassign the scouter’s registered role to Tiger Den Leader after the charter renews, using the Position Manager (or whatever it’s called this week) at my.scouting. Having the registered role and Scoutbook role match tends to make things break less frequently.

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@etruongcao - you do realize that tiger and lion adult partner is the parent guarduan of a scout. Just what is your position in the unit as it seems you are not up to speed on how things are supposed to work.

@etruongcao If this adult is registered as an Assistant Den Leader, then you could list the person as a Tiger Den Leader or as a Den Admin. (If you list the person as a Tiger Den Leader, they will automatically become a Den Admin for the assigned den.)

Tiger Adult Partners / Lion Adult Partners are not registered adult leader positions.


Forgive me being an ignorant VOLUNTEER who was just recently thrust into this role and am trying to learn the ropes.

Please allow me to remind you that A Scout is Helpful, Courteous, and Kind. I thought this forum was a place to come to for help, but perhaps I am mistaken as evidenced by how you have been treating this volunteer.

@etruongcao - I apologize but it is better to understand the process than make changes that point in wrong direction. It would benefit you and t he unit if you got ahold of the key resources for unit management and utilized the scoutbook help section.

@etruongcao I understand your frustration - some of us dinosaurs have been around so long its hard to remember when we were green and we had no one in our own units guiding us or steering us towards the appropriate training. I’m nudging you @Stephen_Hornak! :wink:

@GaryFeutz - nudge welcomed and understood. I think it wrong to toss someone at a task without support. It does nobody any favor. Honestly @etruongcao you will make it through even with a dinosaur like me around.

Here is the scoutbook help article about adding Assistant tiger den leaders.

Adding Tiger Assistant Den Leaders (SB)
Tiger dens do not have assistant den leaders. We are told by the Cub Scout program team that the reason why is that all Tigers are required to have their Adult Partner with them at all times.

Updated on October 23, 2019

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