Den Leader Training Completed, but not getting certificate

My Den Leader completed online Den Leader training but not certificate is available and leader reports shows he completed 13/15 modules.


Thank you.

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Thank you!)

Looks like they are missing SCO_451 and 453 @CraigStachewicz

I looked at his training. States 100% complete. All modules.

Just saying what I see


Training requirements are at

The table @DonovanMcNeil provided is from the database where training is recorded and generates the certificates and indicates if training is complete. Since SCO_451 and SCO_453 are not marked complete there, the system will not show the leader as trained, no matter what the Learning Management System (LMS) says. These are separate databases and in some instances the LMS does not transmit completion to Akela. Unfortunately, when this happens, the easiest fix is to retake the class and make sure it runs to the end.

So how does he correct this? It shows all 100% complete for his training, nothing to complete. There appears to be an issue someplace.

He would go in and take those 2 courses - not sure if there is a timed window for these completions - @TimothyRogers ??

They need to open a JIRA ticket through the council so we can investigate.