If I have completed all the training sub-modules, why isn't the training complete?

I saw a similar post here, but there were no responses.

@ChristianHiggins what it says in the Training Center doesn’t matter. It’s what it says on your Training completions that matters. Give it 24 hours from the time you finished the last course, see if it shows on the completions in your record in My.Scouting.

Plus, since the last course shows as 10/14/20, one (or more) of the individual courses within each of the three main modules may have been updated since you completed the training last October.

This is a common visual bug I have seen on a regular basis.

Not a bug. If an individual course has been updated since you completed it, it’s not complete in the Learning Center. Like I said, what matters is what it says in Training Completions.

I have completed trainings for DL, CM, SM, COR, and others. I have seen this with my own eyes. Even when completed in a timely manner, at times, even with all current sub classes completed, it doesn’t turn the top one to 100%. It is a bug.

I understand what you are saying. It could explain the OPs original issue.

What I am saying, though, is I have seen this issue personally more than once. I am OCD and pay close attention. It happens and is a bug.

I have gotten full credit and moved on. There are too many other bugs to worry about.


I continue to see this issue with several of my learning plans… here is another example. There are only three modules attached to this that I can see and all are 100%.

I assume it is more than a day?

I too have seen this. While it doesn’t affect completion recording, for me, it is a flaw that can confuse people.

Months @Matt.Johnson … :triumph::triumph::triumph:

@JeremyGinsberg It looks like you took


in 2/2020. As Ronald Blaisell said, several courses have been updated since then, so there are probably newer versions of these courses.

The important question is what does it say at my.scouting when you go to:

My Training → Requirements

Do you see a trained patch next to your Cubmaster position?

The point is being missed, you are on a Page where it says you haven’t completed a learning plan yet all the classes visible in that learning plan say they are complete. That’s an issue… especially for your basically volunteer who just wants to see YIS all completed.