Training Validation - Hazardous Weather

My council requires direct-contact leaders who have been in their position for more than three months at recharter be fully trained including Hazardous Weather Training being current.

I had a den leader who was trained but didn’t have Hazardous Weather done when we rechartered. So, I registered him as a committee member with the plan to move him back to den leader when it was completed.

When I go to the Training Manager, none of the den leader modules I know he completed show as done. So, he is 0% trained as a committee member, which is wrong. He should only need a few modules to complete committee member training. His den leader modules were all done in 2021, so they are current. He only shows complete in YPT.

Betty also shows him as having completed nothing but YPT.

As soon as I can see that Hazardous Weather is complete, I’d like to change his position back to Webelos den leader. But I don’t know where everything has gone or whether it will show up anywhere. Hazardous Weather no longer shows up as a required course for any of the direct-contact leaders.

It appears the Legacy Training Validation tool is no longer available. This was much better than the Training Manager, because it showed everything, even if the course wasn’t required for the current position.


Post his BSA Member ID and we can look to see what Akela says he has completed.

His BSA ID number is 13513102

I sent you a private message. Click on your picture in the upper right of your forum window.

A pretty good “total detailed training report” is available to key 3’s and others (Commissioners, prob more).

my.scouting>Menu>YourUnit>Training Manager>Quick Search. This shows not just completions, but the individual parts and past completions if you have taken it more than one time.