Missing connections to scouts as assigned den admin

My Cubmaster added me as a den admin and assistant den leader, but when I login to my scoutbook account, I do not have connections to any of the scouts. Any guidance on what we might be missing?

have admin make sure they Approved the Admin position

It has been approved. She even went in and removed me and added me back in and approved.

Well @MichelleSchneider under your current login you are not a registered leader. Did you fill out an Adult Application

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I sure did. Did my YPT and a couple of other trainings. Application completed. Background check completed. I am wondering if there are two of me or two accounts that need to be merged?

@MichelleSchneider you had 2 SB Users - I merged them - you need to login with your my.scouting.org credentials - user name is everything before @ of your email

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Thanks so much. I’ll try that now.

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