New den leader showing on pack side but not on den leader side

We have added one of our parents as a den leader. She shows as a den leader on our side, but not on her side and she doesn’t see a den listed in her dashboard. Help, please! Her numbers show to match up, so not sure of the problem.

Her name is Madison ••••••••••••

I would start by having one of the Unit Key 3 (CM, CC, COR) check the official roster at my.scouting to match both the BSA ID and name with what you’re seeing in Scoutbook, and cross-check that with those values that the new leader is seeing in her Scoutbook and my.scouting logins.

Also, is the new leader logging in to Scoutbook using the same credentials as she uses to login at my.scouting or using (for example) her email address?

@MelisaLeblanc please do not post names - what is the BSA # of the leader - I imagine they are just logging into wrong account

@MelisaLeblanc Try having a Pack Admin go to the Pack Roster in Scoutbook, click on her name and approve this leader’s positions and roles in Scoutbook.

The picture you posted is missing the green shield icon, which means that her positions are not approved in Scoutbook.

I am a pack admin. Where can I do that? I’ve looked everywhere.

I think I found it. Thanks!

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