Scoutbook unexpectedly changed my Den Leader privileges; Please Help

I am a Den Leader. For some reason I can no longer enter any advancement, awards, nor adventures for any Wolf Scout except my son.

I used to have “Full Control” permissions, and now the permission level states “View Advancement” and “View Profile”. I contacted my local Cubmaster and Pack leaders with this issue last week, and they’re unable to identify or correct the problem

Thank you for your help!

@JenniferLovell - could you post your BSA ID number. My suspicion is you are not a registered leader, or multiple id.

My BSA ID # is 13812186

Here are screenshots:

Prior to last week it only listed Wolf Den WOLF once in that drop down menu.

Thank you for your help!

@JenniferLovell - thanks… now what are your registered positions in ?

@JenniferLovell everything looks fine - that QuickNav has never functioned correctly - just use Dashboard > Administration to get to your den

I haven’t been having difficulty getting to my Den.

I’m a Den Leader, Den Admin, and a parent. Here you go:

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when I click on Quick Entry:

Until last week all the scouts in my Den would be listed here (not just my son, Aidan).

@Stephen_Hornak was getting at what’s shown when you log in to Sometimes there’s a mismatch between the registered positions at and the listed positions at That mismatch can be one cause of the issues that you raised.

Try this. From the pack roster page, click your name, click your current den admin position. Make sure the position approved box is checked. Click update.

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Still not working:

Here are screenshots to show the problem (This is for a Scout in my Den, that is NOT my son):

@JenniferLovell ask a Admin in your unit to erase your Den Admin position and give you a new one - we cannot do that

I had a similar problem a few months ago right after an “update.” Ultimately I had to reset my roles. Here is the thread:

Thank you, Glenn. Ultimately that’s what had to be done. I appreciate your message!

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