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Den Needs Approval Report doesn't show list of items


Can you provide your UnitID (at the end of the Needs Approval report URL), along with the Scout Scoutbook IDs (in the Scout’s profile near the BSA Member ID) and some of the items missing from the Needs Approval report? This will help the developers track down the root cause.

I provided them to @jacobfetzer above:
Den Needs Approval Report doesn't show list of items - #13 by DavidWestbrook

Thanks. I thought those were for the Den Needs Approval report. We have previously reported these to the developers.

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I am seeing this on Pack Approval or Troop Approval. I have not tried at the Den/Patrol level as I am unit admin/Adv Coord. for both units.


Can you provide UnitID (at the end of the URL for the Needs Approval Report), the ScoutID (below the BSA Member ID in the Scout’s profile) and some of the items that are missing from your Needs Approval report?

I can’t provide Member IDs for the Scouts as I don’t know which are missing. I’ve looked through several scouts items looking for non-leader approved items and coming up empty. But the reports is showing there are 14 pending. I am concerned there are items earned pending approval and I can’t see them and will miss buying/present awards.

Troop: UnitID=212995
Pack: UnitID=50141

In the Troop, it looks like it is isolated to one Patrol where this is coming from UnitID=212995&PatrolID=120196

@JonathanKing1 is that patrol APPROVED under edit patrol by admin?

Another thing I just noticed, and I’m not sure how the code works counting these up, but I see several items in the awards section that are auto checked by the system when something is completed that mark as green, not blue, and no way for be to “leader approve” to change them to blue. Maybe the code is counting “green checks” and some can’t approved, so they don’t show up on the list??


@DonovanMcNeil it appears to be.


@JonathanKing1 – If you’re up against buying/presenting award deadline, I found that the “Approve All” still works for me, though you’re obviously blindly approving, so not ideal. But then those 14 items will be visible on both the “Needs Purchasing Report” and “Needs Awarding Report” (and you can review them there).

You might also be able to identify which ones were “added” by the Approve All, even if you have a lot of stuff on the Needs Purchasing report, by reviewing the Audit Log Report, and filtering by date.

The Audit Log Report is located under My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit Reports → Audit Log Report

That way, if you see something that shouldn’t have been approved, you can more easily go back and unapprove it. Also, that could allow you to compile a list of what was “invisible” on the report, and the associated BSA ID(s) for the youth.

ETA: Unless you want a ton of extraneous information, make sure to limit what you’re reporting to the Advancement Log. Otherwise, you end up with activity logs, payment logs, etc by default.

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I don’t have any items (right now) needing approval, but I noted above checking the other day that I could see the items from two Scouts who joined this fall (I believe they were added in to Scoutbook in October some time):



But I don’t see items from Scouts who were part of our unit from before, e.g., my son:
ScoutUserID=9103784 (same Unit & Den IDs)

Passing these on in case it helps the devs also.

This is working as designed. The “rollup” requirements remain green even if the underlying requirements are blue or yellow.

Thanks. I was just wondering of whatever code is counting the “needs approval” and listing that quantity in the “needs approval” header is also counting ones like I shared inadvertently which would be artificially increasing the header number compared to what is listed. (if that made sense)

@edavignon I have the same issue under Pack Needs Approval Report and the Den’s Needs Approval Report. The issue is occurring with several dens in the Pack. I went through each individual scout to find who wasn’t showing up and I couldn’t find any patterns. After manually approving all I could find, I still have the following I couldn’t track down:

  • 1 unknown for Wolf Den
  • 2 unknown for Bears Den
  • 8 unknown for Webelos Den

The earliest date I could find for when this issue started occurring was 11/8/21.

@edavignon After looking through 60+ scouts trying to track down the scouts that need approval, I agree that those green checks aren’t the problem.

An issue I did come across is that for several scouts, the individual requirements were marked completed for a belt loop but the belt loop itself was not marked earned/completed. In previous years, it used to automatically make the belt loop as earned/completed. I don’t think this issue is related to the approval report issue but it does make figured out what to buy harder.

I generated the Audit Log Report, Advancement Log. I noticed that there were several Approved entries that had leaders first names only repeated in the middle & last names columns (e.g. “Bruce”,“Bruce”,“Bruce” instead of “Bruce”,“Robert”,“Macomber” for the Leader first/middle/last name columns). I didn’t do a full comparison but several of those who didn’t show up on my Needs Approval list and I had to individually approve them had just my first name listed in all 3 columns.

I have the repeating first names for the Leader first/middle/last names columns occurring in the Log Audit Report with at least 5 leaders in my pack with the first date being 10/8/21.

UPDATE: This repeating name issue does not appear to be related to the “Needs Approval Report doesn’t show list of items” main issue

Interestingly, this problem (for me) occurs at the Cub Level and not the BSA level. At the Cub level, needs approval report doesn’t show at pack or den level. And here is the UserID of a scout who needs items approved.

Pack ID



Interestingly, this Troop ID 203797 is working fine for me. And the Wolf Den that I am a den leader for, also didn’t seem to have a problem (DenID 212193).

I have also been seeing the same issue. I am a key 3 delegate. When I go to the approval report in scoutbook I only see a handful of items that need approval. However, if I look at Internet Advancement, there is a much more extensive list of items pending approval.
Our Unit ID is 27532.
An example of a scout that is on both reports is ScoutUserID 12230462
An example of a scout that is not on the scoutbook approval report is ScoutUserID 10225780

Still have the same issue here.
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