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Good Morning, I have 4 leaders in my Tiger Den who have been performing the Assistant Den Leader role, but ScoutBook isn’t letting me correct/update/add that role? Some show as Asst Den leader but I cant select “Tiger Den”

13036732, 12473426, 13483543, 13619062

@Chris_H - there is no position for tiger den assistant den leader. You must select Tiger Den Leader

Also, you mention that “some” show assistant den leader. Does that mean others don’t? Are the others registered scouters? Scoutbook won’t permit adults who are not registered to be assigned “leader” roles in Scoutbook.

If those are BSA #s none of them are registered @Chris_H

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Those are SB #s. Yes, all 4 are registered leaders via online applications that were accepted by our Pack. I think I messed them up trying to fix it :sweat_smile: when I tried to add the Tiger Den to the existing Assistant Den Leader roles. Their BSA #s are 140655389, 140145725, 140804058, 14277100

@Chris_H yeah for Lions and Tigers as all Scouts have to have an Adult Partner there - there are no Assistant Den Leaders for the Den



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