Need to be able to add Asst Den Leader to Tiger Den

I believe my previous post was closed prematurely Cannot add Asst Den Leader to Tiger Den
Yes ok, I ranted a little bit there. To be clear, I am requesting the ability to assign an Assistant Den Leader (DA) to a Tiger Den in Scoutbook.
I recognize that there is no such position as “Assistant Tiger Den Leader”, & I am not asking to create anything new. I am asking to link together two existing things.
For many years, a leader can register as an Assistant Den Leader (DA), show up as such on the My.Scouting Roster, & actually serve in that capacity to a Tiger Den. That is a valid arrangement, so what I am asking is to just reflect that reality in Scoutbook.

That is a program decision and program has clearly told IT and the SUAC that Tiger dens do not have ADLs. If you disagree, your path is through your council. I realize that feels like a steep hill to climb. Sorry.

Josh, what I did when I was a Tiger DL going on a decade ago was to simply assign my registered ADL the “functional” position of Tiger DL in Scoutbook. I already tried pushing that boulder uphill through SDIC and got told “that’s not how the program works,” despite the fact that we (now) have to have two registered adults 21+ at every event (e.g. den meetings).

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Assistant Cub Scout Den Leaders

2021 revision not fully implemented in software

I currently do not have access to check roster reports, however Scoutbook data entry may be out of compliance with the 2021 den leader guide which states:

Assistant Cub Scout Den Leaders

The assistant den leaders share the responsibilities of the Cub Scout den leader and may assist with record keeping such as tracking advancement or handling other details of den operation. Each den should have at least one assistant den leader and more if needed.

Assistant den leaders must be 21 years of age or older, which helps ensure that there are two registered adult leaders who are 21 years of age or older at every meeting or activity. Additional assistant den leaders may be recruited to provide additional support as needed.



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I don’t understand how program can say Tiger Dens dont have ADLs when the pamphlet put out by clearly states that Tiger Dens do have ADLs. The issue needs to be addressed by National and no the Councils. Either fix the information being put out so that it reflects programs decision or add the role to Scoutbook to reflect the reality of Pack life that adults leaders need help and making someone the official ADL helps run the pack.

The issue has been resolved. Scoutbook is designed and curated by national. If the SUAC has been told they don’t have ADLs, then they don’t. There are many such inconsistencies in Scouting documentation. This is just one.

I don’t understand the issue. Make two DL’s. Then they can both earn the Den Leader Training Award as well.

The reason why @jacobfetzer says to talk to your council is they have communication channels to national.

Thank you @Bill_W & @JavierSoto for the reference, that is what we go by in our Pack “Each den should have at least one assistant den leader”.
Odd that this rule is coming from National programs, I have not seen that documented anywhere, & those teaching C40/C42/C60 in my council have not heard of it either. Also odd because National doesn’t seem to care for their purposes, when someone registers as DA that is all that is listed on the official roster, National does not ask or designate what rank it is for, leaving it to the Unit Leaders to assign in ScoutBook.
I wonder if it is an outdated rule, pre-dating Lions. With the introduction of Lions, this rule is just plain inconsistent now. Tigers are the only rank that can’t have an Asst?!

Assigning the 2nd person as Tiger Den Leader is just a workaround, I would like to see a solution to the root cause. Having to remember or document all the workarounds in place, & those that will require manual correction a few months later is just added burden on Pack Admins. I wonder if SUAC could see how many Tiger Dens out there have two DL’s assigned, that would give a count of how many units are affected by this / how often the workaround is being used. Also provides some useful data for National to bring it back up for consideration.

I am bucking the status quo which is a hard fight, but I want to be helpful as I see this as an opportunity to positively improve the software, which has an impact on the experience of the program for adults. It is very confusing to new volunteers when the patches they wear or positions they apply for don’t match up with their assignments in Scoutbook, & we have to use workarounds. They are already overwhelmed with onboarding to the world of scouting, & reluctant to take on any leadership responsibility. Tiger parents are our newest leaders in the program, providing them a great onboarding experience would help to ensure they stick around for the next 12+ years.
As it currently stands, this is what National has in place for the career of an Assistant DL (& the workarounds that Pack Admins need to be aware of):

  • Assistant Den Leader (Lion)
  • Tiger Den Leader (*)
  • Assistant Den Leader (Wolf)
  • Assistant Den Leader (Bear)
  • Assistant Webelos Den Leader (Webelos I)(**)
  • Assistant Webelos Den Leader (AOL)
    (*) When the Tiger Den is advanced to a Wolf Den in ScoutBook, the leader’s position of Tiger Den Leader will automatically be converted to Den Leader. For the person who was actually the assistant, this will require a Pack Admin to manually end the position of DL, and manually re-add the position of DA while assigning to the correct Wolf Den. Check the role of Den Admin role as well, may need to be reactivated.
    (**) Must submit a new adult application as WA to update this position on the official roster. Check the role of Den Admin role as well, may need to be reactivated.

This isn’t correct. The COR can make this change in my.scouting position manager and it would take effect immediately.


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