Den Reports from old Scoutbook

Will the Den reports that were available in the old Scoutbook eventually be migrated/available in Scoutbook Plus? Particularly the Den Needs Approval and Needs Awarded reports. I use those all the time in figuring out what still needs to be approved and what I need to request to be purchased from the Scout Shop.

@PeterCrites Needs Approval is there - on Roster page it is called Pending Items

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 9.57.10 AM

The needs purchasing is under report - Advancement Report - but I think it pulls for whole unit like SB would - so work as a unit.

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 9.57.15 AM

Needs awarding is not in SB+ yet over than at an individual layer

Thanks I didn’t realize the Pending Items was the needs approval items. For pending items, it looks like you can only search for individual scouts one at a time. Any plans on a filter by den here?

Also the Advancement report is much more clunky as it (as far as I can see) cannot be sorted by den. Looks like the only thing you can do is edit the report and uncheck the scouts that are not in your den. Any plans on a sort/filter by den here?

I’m trying to be open minded of the change but the lack of functionality and the bugs is making it hard. I know it’s only June and there’s time still before the fall gets going but I have active scouts that need things recorded in the summer and I don’t want to miss anything when it comes to completions, approvals, and purchasing.

The system has not been optimized for Sub-units yet - we had to get CS Change advancement out by the date Cubs gave the developers.

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