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Den Reports should show results for Den only

Going into a Den and running a Den Report returns results for the entire Pack, it should return results for the Den only.

Continuing the discussion from Den Reports For Admins:


Please describe the process you are using so we can try to reproduce it.

I thought I had described the process… but I will try again.

  1. Go into a Den
  2. Click on Den Reports
  3. Click on Needs Purchasing Report
    The results displayed are “Needs Purchasing Report” for the entire Pack, and not just the Den. I want to see just the den results to I can confirm everything is correct.
    Also, this might be important for your debugging - I am an Admin as well as a Den Leader. Perhaps those extra permissions are the source of the bug?


The Needs Purchasing Report is a unit report. It is a bug to be appearing on the Den reports screen. Do you see a problem with any other report?

  1. This report should be available for dens, too. I’m trying to make sure the purchasing list for my den is correct and it’s very hard to see in the pack report.

  2. Yes, the “Needs Awarding” report also shows results for the entire Pack, even when run as a “Den Report”. Needs Approval might have the same issue, but as none in my pack need approval I can’t tell. I didn’t check the other reports because we have no data there.

  3. At least one other user thought this was a bug, as well. I linked to his bug report in my first post.

  4. Thank you for being so responsive! I honestly didn’t expect anyone to reply to this so fast.


The Needs Purchasing report has always just been a unit report because it generates the Unit Advancement Report. The BSA does not have a Den Advancement Report. Once the items have been added to the Purchase Order, you can check Group By Den to easily see the items for each den.

The Needs Awarding and Needs Approval reports are only supposed to show the den or patrol if they were selected from that level.

Those reports default to Pack only as dens don’t do awards alone.


I don’t know what you mean by “dens don’t do awards alone”. Dens can certainly hand out their belt loops on their own, this does not have to be done at the pack level. But maybe that’s not what you mean?

Where is this “Group by Den” feature? I do not see any grouping feature on the Needs Purchasing Report.

What do you mean “the BSA does not have a Den Advancement Report”? Are you referring to something other than a SQL query because I’m thinking “just make one” - so that must not be what you mean?

Ok - I found how to group them. I re-read your comment and see that you said we can only group them AFTER I have created a purchase order. We are new to using Scoutbook! But it does seem like you should be able to group the results BEFORE creating the purchase order as well.

The original purpose of the Needs Purchasing report was to facilitate crating the Unit Advancement Report which must be submitted when purchasing restricted items. This is a unit report. There is no sub-unit advancement report, thus the report was created only at the unit level.

Well, take this as a feature request then.
You list Den Reports on the Den page, so make some reports that would be useful to a den leader! :slight_smile:

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The BSA has previously evaluated a request to produce a sub-unit Needs Purchasing report and decided not to pursue it. Given the current development back log, I expect if I requested they look at it again, it would be rejected again.

I would hope that rejected items were not “rejected” so much as put in a “we’ll look at this again later” queue to be evaluated when the backlog was smaller. And items that were repeatedly requested would go higher up the stack… But I don’t know how your system works.

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