Needs Awarding Report Displays Wrong Unit

I am a new CM so my access to the pack is new. I am also an ASM with a troop so I have some edit advancement permissions for the troop.

When I am on a den’s page for the pack, I go to Den Reports → Needs Awarding Report.

I would have expected this to give me a report of a that den’s list of awards that still need to be awarded, but instead it brings me to the troop’s Needs Awarding Report.

Same thing happens from the pack page when I go to Pack Reports → Needs Awarding Report

sounds like there is nothing to be awarded in the pack @JoshuaThomas

Why is the troop displayed when I run a “Pack Report” from the pack dashboard though?

Cause it rolls to the next unit if there is nothing, all the needs reports do that, always have

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