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Den text red on black

I recently became a den leader (COVID needed me to help in the Pack). I then became an admin for a den which now shows up on my dashboard. The text, though, is red on black. Is that by design?

I never saw a response to this.

Is that text supposed to be red on black?

I see white on black on our test site. I’m not a leader in a pack so I can’t comment on Prod.

I see white on black for our dens in those locations.

It is red on back on the dashboard. If I go to the den, it is white on black. I see this on multiple computers.

If you are a Den Leader, you will see it on the My Dashboard page.

Interesting… dashboard is white on black for me.

Mine’s red on black after I click (title) on the My Dashboard page.

Initial login:

After I click the Den, navigated to the Den page, and then return to the dashboard, it looks like this:

I would guess that is by design or is a non-contributory aesthetic defect

This does seem just aesthetic. But aesthetics count (at least in my book)! I am of the zero defect mentality. Red on yellow is the calendar motif. I think it is using that color scheme for the text.

I didn’t even know you could click on My * Den. When I hover over it on the test site, it turns red but clicking it then back to My Dashboard or moving the mouse changes it back to white.

I didn’t know I could click on it either!

For me, it is red on black before doing anything and stays that way on the dashboard.

:man_shrugging:t2: But glad I could teach @edavignon and @Matt.Johnson something new in ScoutBook!


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