Detailed Info on Why Units Should Use Scoutbook

Hello everyone,

I am a District Executive who is new to Scoutbook. Our district leadership is also new to Scoutbook.

We were wondering if there was a guide to all the features Scoutbook for the education of Unit Commissioners? We want to help units choose Scoutbook, but the click-by-click guides and the videos haven’t helped much. Any help you can give will allow us to better inform units about WHY they should use Scoutbook.

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See the Scoutbook for Leaders videos, they are here:

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Hello William,

These are a great resource, but they focus mostly on advancement. Where can I get more info on the payment log feature, among other features?


See What kind of financial recording does Scoutbook Provide?

This is what I have in our welcome packet. I need to expand it, but it is a start: RSVPs for campouts, permission slips for all activities, troop calendar, Scout advancement records, and contact information for families. Keep this contact information current or you will miss out on schedule changes and meeting info.

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