Did the Eagle Palm advancement section disappear, get moved or changed?

Did the Eagle Palm advancement section disappear, get moved or changed? I am no longer seeing it under Eagle Advancement.

@DavidStucky - i just looked at my son’s advancement and the palms are there

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@CharleyHamilton - awe snap… done that a few times

What is your son’s rank? None of the scouts in my troop who have more than 7 non-required merit badges are showing potential future palms on the Advancement screen. None are Eagle rank. Two of the scouts in are my own children.

@JosephKauffman - my son is a Life scout… heading toward the EBoR

There is a known bug for Scouts who have not earned Life rank yet. Eagle Palms show for some, but not others.

The developers are working on a fix.


So others are seeing similar issues for Palms. My son is almost done with his Eagle Project and shy 1, may become 2 in June, required merit badges. Future Palms are not showing for him anymore as of a few days ago. He was showing percentages for bronze, gold, and silver last week.


I can add a couple of scouts whose Life rank is already awarded, have between 4 and 15 elective MBs beyond the required number for Eagle Completed, Leader Approved and/or Awarded, and are not showing Eagle palms as an option in the Scoutbook advancement interface.
BSA IDs: 127967393, 126572627, 130867974, 127967591

I confirmed that the badges (and the associated future palms) show up in the IARs, however, for each of the scouts.

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It is a bug - there is a fix being tested

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Fair enough. The way I read what @JenniferOlinger posted was that it was only believed to impact youth who had not yet earned Life.

@CharleyHamilton Sorry, my mistake.

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No worries. Just wanted to make sure all of the error states got tested. Sounds like the right thing was already happening. :^)


I have a Life Scout, can not see Palm status at all.
BSA # 130476979
(Less than a month to get this Scout accross the finish line for Eagle rank.)

Yeah, @DonovanMcNeil clarified that the fix (if it ultimately works) should fix the issue for all of the scouts.

I cannot approve Eagle Palms in Scoutbook anymore. We have a new Eagle Scout in our troop, and I cannot approve the palm that he has earned. (Previously approved palms for other Scouts are still shown.)

I appreciate any advice.

Elizabeth Link

@ElizabethLink Please post the Scout’s BSA member number (no names, please).

Dear Jennifer,


This is not an isolated issue. I cannot find the section for approving palms for any of our Scouts, including Eagle Scouts who have already earned some.


I’m having the same problem of no longer being able to input Palms for my new Eagle Scout. Can you check on his? BSA #126585980


Scout ID 126771103, recently ranked to Eagle, should be showing 4 palms.

On a separate, but equally important note, our scout was dropped twice from Scout Book. It resulted in nights camped and service hours disappearing from the account. This has affected awards that our scout could be awarded.

He’s been in scouts for 11 years, all within the same pack / troop / council.

Any assistance or clarity would be greatly appreciated!