Different name found in Scoutbook and my.scouting

I am doing a search for a parent (originally registered as a Lion Partner, now a Tiger Adult). In my.scouting, her first name is listed as “Meghan”. When I search on the my.scouting email address, she is listed in Scoutbook as “Megan”. If she has never logged into the system, is there a way that this could have happened? I need to confirm with her, but if her name is actually spelt “Megan”, how do I get that changed in my.scouting?

If her name is incorrect in my.scouting.org it means it was entered incorrectly when she registered. You will need to contact your council registrar to have it fixed.

@edavignon Thank you. Is there any way for the “h” to have been dropped between the systems? Scoutbook shows that she’s never logged into her accout, yet the “h” is missing. The MemberID matches. Just confused as to how that might have happened.

Go to her membership page, click on her position and see if there is a comment in the notes that it was created by Akela. I suspect it was manually entered or another admin noticed the error in her first name and changed it.

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