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Scoutbook showing wrong name

So here is one I never came accross. I have a boy named Dylan whos mom is showing up in Scoutbook under his BSA Number

In My. Scouting he is listed correctly

When I search mom in my.scouting as youth nothing comes up.

Scoutbook will not let me change the name to what it should be.

Heather shows up no where in my.scouting.

The address for dylan in My. Scouting is wrong as well.

Any ideas?

@DavidLafko lets not post Personal data please - I will send you a direct message and you can send me the info and the story and we can investigate - first talk to council

Ok sorry… I think i responded in the private message

You should probably edit your orig. post.

(I have removed the last names from the original post.)


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