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My.scouting name updates not syncing up

I am generally fairly comfortable with both SB and my.scouting. This year National seems to have LOTS of data entry errors imputting new apps and I’ve had our council’s not actually registrar fixing errant letters added or deleted from apps. Had several done one week ago today and they’re still not syncing into SB. Is there anything I could manually force sync with? or know of any way the registrar could not be fully making the change? Membership manager is reflecting the corrections.

Does everything including the first middle and last names, BSA ID and council/district data match? I don’t know exactly what the system matches to try to sync the records, but all of these have apparently caused glitches for us in the past.

@SUAC, would development be willing to share with the class what parameters are matched (at least as of this time) to determine whether or not a scout is synchronized with the person database?

It matches on first name, last name, and date of birth. But it does not update the first and last name fields if they change in Akela.

So how do you update a name if it is misspelled?

Click the parent’s name and then edit profile.

Mine aren’t parents- they’re the scouts themselves. Doesn’t appear I can edit them. Do I need to do a support ticket for each kid? Thought it would pull the correction from Akela.

If you have at least edit profile connections, you should be able to click the scout’s name and then click edit profile.

I am having a similar issue with 2 Scouts whose last names were hyphenated on the application, but the registrar said she can’t use hyphens when entering. So in Scoutbook I removed the hyphens from the Scout’s names but they still won’t sync up. What are my options here? Mom is already linked to both kids that I entered before the application was processed and they’ve completed their Bobcat badge requirements.

Edit for follow up info. After I had spoken to the registrar, she added the hyphens in… I confirmed in my.scouting roster. But that didn’t sync into Scoutbook. I’ve no idea what to do now.

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