Discontinued "Preview Adventures" incorrectly appearing in 2024 electives

The “Preview Adventures” are appearing as part of the 2024 program electives. This includes Protect Yourself Rules for all ranks, Yo-Yo for Wolf through AOL, and Modular Design for Bear through AOL. These “Preview Adventures” should not appear as electives for the 2024 program, as they were all turned into different adventures (which do appear). For example, in the Webelos program the adventures of My Safety replaced Protect Yourself Rules (Webelos), Modular Design replaced Modular Design (Webelos), and Yo-yo replaced Yo-Yo (Webelos). As you can see in the screenshot, both the Preview Adventures versions and the current versions are appearing in the available adventures. This is true for all ranks, and includes scouts who have not started work on the rank or adventure.

@WhitneyD this is known - often it means the adventure was previously opened for the scout

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These adventures are showing up for all the scouts in my unit, including inactive ones and even one who just joined today and was assigned to the 2024 program by default. Based on what I’m seeing, it appears that these adventures appear in the 2024 program in all cases, regardless of whether they were opened previously.

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