Lion Scout Electives

In Internet Advancement/Scoutbook Plus, the Lion Elective Adventures do not show up. If you click on the Lion rank OR go to Current Adventures, it only shows the required adventures and does not show any of the electives (and 2018 adventure requirements is selected/the default). There is a header for elective adventures, but none of them show up.

@DavidMasciale - when set to 2024 this is what I see

@DavidMasciale noted thanks

@DavidMasciale - changing to 2018… no electives are shown.

We did find a work around for now. If you go to unit roster and select quick entry the lion elective adventures do show up there.

I’m having the same issue, when using 2018 requirements, the electives are not showing. However, when I go to bulk entry to try and add the elective belt loops, when I click submit, I get the following: “Error There was an error updating one or more requirements, try again later.”

Quick Entry is the solution for this - Lions should now be on Tiger - if you hit errors - use Quick entry for one scout at a time to isolate the scout.

From Scoutbook, I click on quick entry, which brings me to the bulk entry page in internet advancement/Scoutbook Plus. When I choose an elective and set the version to 2016, I choose the cub and click submit, I get the same error. I see that on the left side where I can choose cubs, there is an indication next to their name that they are using 2024 requirements. However, nothing has been entered for them, so it should not actual be set. This seems to be a default.

There are still units whose school years go into June and thus won’t advance their dens until closer to July.

The issue has been reported to the developers. The version of an adventure that’s marked complete is not so important that it should prevent you from marking it complete. I understand that partials are tough to track while this bug remains, though.

The Scout year ends June 1 - I am writing instructions to get to these adventures now - give me a few

OK - As Lion Electives are not required for rank - they were missed in a fast process to get them out. Sorry.

  1. You can go to shop and grab a hand full and buy - they are not controlled items like merit badges - see can order straight from there no issue - then Council can enter to scout records if you want - they do not matter past the Lion Rank

  2. If you want to enter yourself - you can try Quick Entry - if it fails you can go to each scout profile. Click Past Approved Adventures.

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 9.09.00 PM

then go to right and click “Show Approved”

Change to “Show All Adventures”

Then you can click on the needed adventure and enter it in.

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, this did not work for me. Quick entry gives me the error I previously mentioned. I do not see a past approved adventures on any of the cubs’ profiles, or a filter for that. I also do not see a “show: approved.”

I understand that I can still purchase all the belt loops as needed, but I think that all their advancement should be saved in one place. I also feel that since they put the effort into these additional loops, it should be entered as well. Do you think that the missing electives will be added at some point?

@JasonNadell Which elective adventure are you trying to enter?

Also, can you try excluding your own child from the quick entry to see if that works? Maybe even try them one scout at a time to see if it’s all scouts or just some?

Thank you for getting back to me. I am trying to add Build it Up, Gizmos and Gadgets and Pick My Path. I have tried it for a group of cubs, but I have also tried several of the individual scouts. I was able to add Build it Up for one cub, not my child, but not for any others. My cub has all three added.

@JasonNadell try this URL - - the ####### is the scouts User # - you can get it from their profile URL - easiest way is go to profile and add “/adventures” to the end of the URL

Edit: Good catch @CharleyHamilton

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That is a good fix, @DonovanMcNeil

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Amazing. Adding /adventures to the URL on the cub’s profile page and setting the filter to “all adventures” did it. Thank you very much.

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Once again sorry for the miss - thanks for getting it wrapped up and tigers onto 2024.

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Are lion electives going to be fixed soon? The hacks above all stopped working