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Can registered adult be given new position on my.scouting.org?

Can we now give a currently registered adult a new leadership position on my.scouting.org or must that be done still on paper application?

I do not think that is possible - if it is I do not know the way

You should contact your council to see what their process is. In my council, as long as the adult is already registered in the unit and is just changing positions (ex: committee member to Assistant Scoutmaster) then we just need to fill out a short form. If the new position is in a different unit, then a new adult application is required.

@edavignon is correct; you should ask your local council to see what they permit. So many different local council processes, mostly due to legal aspects of youth protection training. For instance my council (headquartered in PA) does not allow approval of any on-line adult applications, however there are ways to change adult leader positions as a part of the rechartering process. However, see my next amplifying response…

From the BSA Program Manager for On-Line Registration:

Yes, the on-line registration system will allow registered adults to multiple to a new unit and/or district position IF you are currently registered and the unit you want to transfer into is currently chartered all works great, BUT, last Friday morning (1/1/2021) 95% of our units and thus 95% of our participants became expired (or lapsed) and not current, so, this process in a binary world is unforgiving. <<< (ed. from Rick) This is an important aspect of councils completing the rechartering process by POSTING charters.

The other issue we found so far this week is there were about 400 transfers and multiples that were “pending” at midnight 12/31 and so those dropped off the table. We emailed all of them and told them what happened and encouraged them to try again once the unit is chartered.

@RickHillenbrand I think what is being asked is if a unit leader can do it themself in my.scouting - and if so how?

Yes, any registered unit leader can submit their own on-line application to multiple to another position (in the same council). Of course, the normal approval processes apply. However, as noted by BSA IT, unless BOTH the units / organizations have current charters (which apparently many don’t right now) this will not work.

The BSA needs to update their systems so that a unit submitting recharter paperwork NEVER lapses. The new charter should be processed before the old charter expires.


Thanks for all the responses. Just to clarify, I’m not trying to multiple register an adult to another unit. I just want to take a currently registered adult in my unit with no position and make them an ASM in my unit. I assume “multiple” used above means registering them to a different unit. That was not my intention.

@BonnieMartin if they are currently NOT registered then they have to turn in an application - just being a parent does not make you registered

currently registered adult

All registered adults have a position, this is how they are registered. What do you mean when you say the person is registered but has no position?

yes, good point. I meant currently not registered as a leadership position. Currently registered as unit scouter reserve.

USR is a registered leader position - so talk to your council

Yes. It could be used as a carrot for those that have all of their ducks in a row. If you have completed your re-charter before expiration, no paper adult applications, no paper scout applications, you use direct withdrawal, etc, then no lapse. Basically, if you stay all electronic, then no lapse.

The other solution should be a “re-charter party” at a Scout Council starting the day after the re-charter deadline. This would involve all hands on deck of all employees. So instead of just the registrar, have 5, 10, what ever number of employees hammering away on the computers to get this done in 5 days or less. If you don’t like it, remove the barriers to a fully electronic, fully automated re-charter.

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@BonnieMartin changing an adult position within a unit is not currently supported in my.scouting. The only way you can right now is through your local Council. This includes changing from Unit Scouter Reserve to any other position.

Much of this discussion seems to miss a key point - Adult positions require the approval of the Chartering Organization - not just approval to hold ANY position, but to hold a specific position. A charter organization could approve someone to be a den leader, but not to switch to be committee chair. While in point of fact, most organizations agree that leaders are “generally approved for all positions”, this is not automatically the case. I see no way to document charter organization approval other than on the charter renewal application or with an adult application, or with some “council specific short form application” showing charter organization approval.

I believe that, for the electronic adult applications, there is a setting to require the CoR to approve the application (It may actually be required, rather than an option. I haven’t used this feature myself). In principle, I could see the online system expanding to permit changes to unit-level positions between chartering, and using this feature to have the chartering org rep approve that change on behalf of the chartering org.

It is required. The option is for committee chair to be in the loop.