DL Experience won't load (Sandbox)

We are teaching Cub Leader Position Specific tomorrow and none of us can get DLE to load using the instructions posted here file:///C:/Users/Bob/Downloads/ScoutBook%20Den%20Leader%20Experience_Demo%20Walk%20Through%20(5).pdf

We have tried multiple desktop & mobile devices, multiple browsers, & cleared caches. We all receive Unauthorized (R401)

Is the sandbox closed?

Don’t teach the DLE. Too many shortcomings.

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@NancyHodgkiss - you are better off teaching them to use scoutbook via its sandbox

The Sandbox isn’t working.

DLE is part of the syllabus. We won’t depart from that

I would. It is a failed system with many bugs and many shortcomings .It is a disservice to cover it. Sorry for being blunt.

The only good thing about the DLE is to get legit copies of the DL guides and the Cub Scout songbook.

It would be very very bad to promote it or even suggest anyone should use it. You will be setting people up with false optimism and setting them up to fail.

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@NancyHodgkiss - adapt and overcome and do state to the den leaders that many of us DO NOT recommend using it. You are better off on https://scoutbookpp.scouting.org/ and use the scoutbook demo accounts

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@NancyHodgkiss , I interpreted your question differently. I am not sure if you are asking about Cubmaster or den leader training, or both. I do not think your goal is Scoutbook or Scoutbook DLE training.

Official adult volunteer training home page is at

This webpage list two types of training, “online” and “classroom”. (Classroom syllabi document links may be found on this page. There is also a list of online modules on this page.)

Most online training at the BSA Learn Center is not group training and may be found via the My Training menu at https://my.scouting.org/ or directly at https://training.scouting.org/

Leader training is different for den leaders (DL, ADL) and pack leaders (CM, ACM)

One of the unit leaders position-specific training modules is a heath and safety one that can only be completed online.

The above cited links can be used if Scoutbook (or add-on such as DLE) are incorrect.


BSA® Guidance

Who trains

Facilitator’s Guide, page 7

Delivery of Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training is the responsibility of the district training committee, with guidance from the council training committee. District training schedule group training sessions and develop plans for personal coaching. Cub Scout packs, through their pack committee, may also conduct group sessions and personal coaching within their packs. The pack committee delivery model is not intended to replace group training done by districts and councils but to provide an additional way to make training available to all leaders. The objective for all trainers is to train as many leaders as possible because every Scout in our program should have a trained leader. The pack committee helps accomplish that goal. Before delivering training, all trainers should participate in The Trainer’s EDGE course, usually conducted by the council

Note: Each instructor should have completed “Fundamental of Training” and Trainer’s “EDGE” courses.


Boy Scouts of America. Cub Scour Leader Position Specific Training - Facilitator Guide - Instructor Syllabus. 2020 Printing, updated June 2021 ed. Boy Scouts of America Inc., ©2020. PDF. https://pdscouting.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Cub-Scout-Leader-Training-Facilitator-Guide.pdf

This guide is 200 pages long.


Gentlemen, I appreciate your opinions, but I AM on the District Tranining Committee and ran the syllabus published on the BSA Training website to the best of my ability. Several modules call for live demonstrations using the DLE sandbox, which we could not do because the demo environment would not give us access.

This thread is intended as a trouble ticket and I am hopeful that a member of the SUAC can address the bug.

That is a good thing as we would not want people to emulate it. No one should be steered towards the DLE no matter what the syllabus says.

I would recommend that you ask your local council to submit a help ticket on your behalf to National. Please be as specific as you can in your request.

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What url are you using? What do you see when you try to use it?

DLE Sandbox

Per SB knowledge base web page.

A quick note, as this is a demo environment with multiple people accessing, you may see some changes or find some meetings may be moved, etc. This is to be expected. A how-to-guide has also been attached for your convenience. We have also pre-set up the den’s meetings, but you can see the walkthrough via the attached guide.

DLE Demo Walkthru

Found cited document

Document download link is on the Scoutbook knowledge base webpage “Den Leader Experience Demo Environment (SB)”,

Document status

Document, Scoutbook for Den Leaders appears to be obsolete with

  • beta version images.
  • old link citations such as "scoutbook.com

Document link citations


Thanks, Bill, but as stated in my original post, none of my trainers could access the demo. We are getting an R401/User unauthorized error

I’m following the link from the Knowledge Base

We are getting an R401 User Unauthorized error regardless of which demo login (Vince, Andrew, or Craig) that we try

I’ll report it from my end, but I also agree with @JenniferOlinger about asking your council to submit a ticket. That might get more traction.

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Related Scoutbook com bug posted.


@NancyHodgkiss - i just looked at the syllabus from national and saw nothing about DLE. I susoect youd council made up its own with the DLE in it.

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