DLE is down

Looks like the DLE is down on mobile and computer accesses? Do we know when it will be back up? I get a “Whoops! Looks like there was an error.” message when clicking on Scoutbook - Den Leader

After reviewing it over the summer and setting it up for 8/7 pack return I would like to implement it in our Pack for the organization planning aspect.

hmm reported - everything we have heard it is about to be ended with new cub changes

What is replacing it? When will this new tool be available? As a new den leader, what am I to use to set up my den in the meantime? When/where will the “official” changes be announced? Most of what is being talked about seems to be rumor at this point.


At this time there are no announced changes to DLE, however, given the limited development resources, I suspect if it is dropped the next time the Cub Scout program is updated, it will not be replaced.

Internet Advancement and Scoutbook will have full support for any Cub Scout program updates.

I get the same error, I found its only from my existing PC/Phone and when I disable cookies I am able to get to a login page on firefox but it never gives me a login button. Looks like something with the site is holding on to bad credentials based on IP or Mac address. I confirmed this by logging in from my work PC. Maybe try someone else computer/phone to see if your able to login that way.

Thats too bad… the leader experience is really nice when it comes to scheduling all advancement meetings/updating advancement. I sure hope they dont drop it.

There are MANY deficiencies with DLE that make it not useable for a large number of Cub Scout packs including:

  • Can’t delete meetings it adds to the calendar
  • It always adds meetings to work on Bobcat, even if the entire den has earned it.
  • Some packs require the Duty to God adventures to be done by the families, not dens but DLE schedules DTG meetings.
  • Many dens don’t meet on the cadence DLE expects.

Even though we have asked since the day DLE was released to have these deficiencies addressed, the Cub Scout Program Office does not believe these are problems and thus will not permit them to be addressed.


While i don’t love the DLE, I liked being able to schedule the adventures and then moving them as I see fit. I hope there is something like this if they do remove it.

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Hmm, you might not be able to manually delete them from the calendar but I was able to delete them from DLE itself if I wanted (for electives only). There are some things it adds automatically but I found it actually pretty easy to just mark those items as complete during setup then it does not schedule them. for example, I had a few scouts who already had the Council Fire complete, so I marked that complete during setup and DLE did not schedule any meetings for it. I suspect you could do the same with the Duty to God adventure.

Ok now the DLE site is up and running but you can’t login fully because the “log in” button never appears. This is happening in Edge, I tried Chrome and its not working there either. Any update on when we can at least sign in again?

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@ThomasCline - your best bet is to NOT use the DLE. I have told my den leaders to use scoutbook.scouting.org only.

Why has there not been any response/reply from the owners of the Den Leader Experience Development / Support team? (Other than the ‘reported’ comment)

I think it is important for communication to occur that gives us direction as leaders on the use of the software. If it is going away then the link should be removed and we need the ability to clean up the meetings that have been added.

Personally, in the same manner, as many, I like the ability to automatically create the den meetings and then adjust the schedules as I see fit. I find that a nice feature. There are many issues with the app, but for weeks it seems now the “Whoops” error message has been showing and I have found no answer to the issue.

It seems if you click the error TWICE you get past it

A fix was pushed for this if you can test it please

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Mine is working from PC now, but mobile is still no good.

@JustinSmith11 can you quit the mobile app or restart phone?

@DonovanMcNeil Just barely did that (for a different reason). still wasnt working, then I changed settings to use the desktop version and switched back to mobile and We are in!

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